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Ember Ability, passive, and general fixes.

(XBOX)Architect Prime

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This is a list of ideas I have for ember, plain and simple.I see no reason why ember should fall behind. Ember is okay on the basic starchart missions, but starts to fall short beyond that. The amount you have to put into her to get the same competence as many other frames relatively way more. The goal is to make ember less squishy and compensate for how weak heat damage can be.


Fire Blast: Just like the original 1st ability, but it can be used very rapidly for nearly zero energy cost.

accelerent: Turns ALL outgoing damage into heat damage and multiplies it by an amount on effected enemies.

Heat Shield: Creates bubble of heat around ember, converting a percentage of incoming projectil damage to heat damage and starting enemies who get close on fire.

Fan The Flames: Any action will slightly increase heat damage for a short time. The effect stacks.

Pyrian Form: A percentage of incoming heat damage heals ember. 

Splash: When ember is hit, hot magma splashes out of the exit wound, creating puddles of magma/lava that deal large damage to enemies that step in it or get hit by it.

Inferno Vitality: When Ember is effected by a heat damage status effect, she gains increased movement speed, health, and armor for a short time. 

Combustion Propulsion: Firing ember's first ability at a surface will cause an explosion that propels her a great distance at a high velocity. Using it in the air causes ember to propel herself even further (Not glide), using it as thrust. 

Energetic Flames: Embers abilities are no longer restricted to heat damage. Use heat, cold, or toxin - depending on energy color. Combine both energy colors to create corrosive, radiation, gas, viral, magnetic.

Pyroclastic Molt: When ember deals a very large set amount of heat damage, a clone (specter) of her is spawned - up to 3. They explode when they die, casting accelerant at their locations. 

Exalted Ignis: Fire blast shoots a sustained jet of flames like ignis. It functions as a typical moddable exalted weapon. It does a little more heat damage with each consecutive shot on an enemy until, after about ten seconds, when it does fatal damage. When it kills an enemy, others nearby will start on fire (panic). Bosses obviously are exempt from fatal damage and maybe the climbing damage.

Superheating: Converts all heat damage to radiation damage and doubles it. 

Power Flip: It's screw attack...

Fire Demons: Creating a heat proc (the panicked flailing) creates a "fire demons" (heat procs) that expand to any nearby enemies in a certain radius.



I've been updating this. 



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