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The Whiteboard goals


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we know they made this whiteboard and its labeled 2019 but does that mean that all that is goign to release this year or is it jus twhat hey are working on because I just dont see railjack+new war+diviri to release this year.




All seem to be possible except duviri or am I underestimating DE and their power

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2 minutes ago, (XB1)GearsMatrix301 said:

You didn’t watch Tennocon did you?

Scott said during tennolive “Did we really put Durviri as 2019?”

 its clear it was way to ambitious to try and get it in the game by the end of this year.

Oh well, it was some hope I guess. Also will it have a special operator only quest(forgot to ask that too)

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Railjack will drop with a bit of it's content at mid-late fall.New war will drop christmas no matter what, cause they can't let the game without content till they come back from holidays.I guess Railjack part 2 will appear at late Feb early March.Now, logically speaking, Duviri should drop right after cause 1 Railjack mission is the door to it but that could be either before/at next Tennocon or next fall.Any other way would be a miracle.

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