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Problems in Warframe


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Now Warframe is a wonderful game which I love. But it's not perfect and suffers from some problems. I wish to help this game grow and excel into something amazing! So if you have any negative comments then leave... With that being said let's begin.

Problems for new players: After doing the first few missions, the game tells us to install a ship segment which turns out to be the market. Everything seems to cost platinum. When they go to their armoury and browse weapons, everything seems to cost platinum. Soooooo... they'll then think that warframe is "pay to win". That the only way to be successful in this game is to spend real money. Now us experienced players know that this is not the case. That almost everything can be obtained for free through blueprints and grinding. But who's gonna tell them? The game should try to put an effort to tell them about blueprints... this issue can cause many potential new tenno to be gone forever and rot like the grineer... AND if they decide to continue playing and walk the path of the tenno then more obstacles attempt to block their path!!! Such as,

Mods: At the start, newly recruited Tenno can be confused and overwhelmed by mods because the game does not explain enough... Infact mods STILL puzzle me!!! And that is just kinda depressing because mods add new depths and layers to the game and give you more control over all. New Tenno should be encouraged more by the game to try it, not be confused and overwhelmed by it!

No clear explanation: Let's admit it... Warframe doesn't give its players a clear explanation of anything. For example I'm on Mars doing the Phobos relay and I'm confused what is meant by scanning cephelon fragments. Most players will first try and find the solution then look at a guide or a wiki because they had given up and wanted to get this over with. The game should explain these kinds of things to us!!! New Tenno might just leave warframe because they have NO idea what their doing or what they are supposed to do!!!

Problems for every Tenno: A dangerous problem dwells within warframe, a problem so terrifying and fearsome that even the most elite of Tenno shivers at its presence and that problem is............ HOST MIGRATION!!! I don't think I have to say anything else BUT I will to tell you "funny" things that happened to me because of this... Presume you're doing a mission that requires multiple Tenno e.g corrupted vaults or doing a tough mission together or fighting the world boss. Host migration just happens and well you lose the dragon key to the vault, your only chance for beating a difficult level and/or your ally against the world boss with a plan ready to kill it but cannot be executed because they are gone. EVERYONE must have suffered from this at one point. Should I tell you all the worst thing host migration has done to me??? Well... I was doing a void fissure survival mission. That was a few minutes ago. Me and my fellow Tenno are killing every thing! I get parts to equinox prime and the paris prime and forma!!! Now after alot of relic opening and surviving we decide to get extracted. Guess what happens now? I'm getting extracted and then host migration happens!!! And then I lose everything! The game thinks ibe done nothing! Just like that I lost my Equilibrium Prime and my Paris Prime and my forma! I don't get to keep the exp I gained nor do I keep anything else! My screen is literally blank!!! Has this ever happened to anyone? Please tell me!!!

I'll continue this topic later. If you think something is missing then please do tell...

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