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Dirigia Colony


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A concept I had a bit after the plains release but never bothered releasing but I'm finally getting around to it now. The Dirigia Colony is an idea i had for somewhere deserter grineer might live if they dont want to join the Steel Meridean and don't feel safe anywhere else. The Dirigia Colony is as it sounds. Stylized in a similar way to the Diriga the Dirigia Colony is a Dirigible city, a blimp city if you will. Which floats its way over the oceans of earth, fishing in the seas, and only docking to trade with ostrons or collect other resources from the land. We havent yet had a real grineer city. TO introduce the city I think it could be seen on the horizon of Cetus get closer every week till it docks and you can enter it. There could be missions to defend it from grineer forces attempting to eradicate the traitors which would probably change based on where the Colony was at the time. It will move around the oceans of Earth but occasionaly dock in cetus or in The Wild(ill explain that in a bit). Perhaps they would offer discounted grineer tech like detonite injectors. Potentially primary weapons or even archwing if the devs see fit. Now, about "The Wild" the wild is an open world expansion of sorts that will be available with the discovery of the colony. Think of it like this,- On the other side of earth, in the area that we would refer to as the americas exists The Wild. An expanse of forests, jungles, and plains yet to be tamed or exploited by the grineer. Its wide range of aggresive and highly evolved creatures has kept them at bay. In the wilds your main enemy will not be the grineer faction though they will have small outposts, instead the wild is a place to collect exotic resources, much of the wildlife is highly aggresive and the infested have taken hold in certain places, giving opportunities for never before seen infested wildlife. As for story I like this idea. Among these planes, Mountains, and forests exist a collection of tribes. They learned to survive and thrive in the wild through the help of The Wanderer, to them a spirit of great power(though each believe tin their own version). To you, a warframe lost to time. A tribal wanderer lost in the expanse. There are three tribes. One are riders and exceptional with the tenno bow art. Another focused with martial weaponry, fighting alongside their Wild wolf kubrows, their fighting styles the warped tribal versions of the tenno sword art once taught to them long ago, The third are more diplomatical and "sophisticated", more like the people of cetus, however they will not hesitate to send their deadly assasins after any who oppose them. These three tribes have standing with eachother and you and it is your job(main quest line time) to help them realize that the spirit they all worship is one and the same, maneuvering them to avoid war and help piece together the story and whereabouts of the lost nomad frame. I will make another fan concept about said frame soon enough(unless i already have and i've forgotten). Until then I encourage any who liked this to wildly speculate, come up with your own concepts, and share them in this thread. I'd love to see what you think and can come up with😛

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