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Nekros shadow corpus A.I., Gas city sabotage.


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Ok so I was attempting to use the Sabotage mission on Jupiter to try to farm oxium since it would keep the enemies on high alert without me having to constantly keep grabbing air that drops from the enemies to survive, now, here's where it gets weird.

I have Shield of Shadows so that I don't die, and the damage is mitigated by my little minions as you would know, having gathered a bunch of corpus shadows I was on the gas city sabotage on the part where I have to stop the enemy from overriding the reactor core, and for some reason my own shadows where screwing me over, because they kept constantly getting on the console and reducing the meter and caused me to fail my mission, because I couldn't un-summon them and or kill them to stop them from overriding the core themselves.

So something is up with the corpus shadow A.I. that is causing them to act like regular corpus enemies and override the core even though I was controlling them.

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