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AkKavaten (Akimbo 2-round burst shotgun sidearms)


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As the title implies, this concept is for an akimbo shotgun secondary that fires in 2 round-bursts.

Styled after the graceful and ferocious Kavat, the AkKavaten akimbo side shotguns feed from large cycling clips rather than magazines (Similar to the Soma, the clip will pass through them as ammunition is expended). The weapons are perfectly mirrored and load their magazines from the outside feeding rail (So the left gun will have the clip inserted into the left and will cycle to the right, and the right weapon's clip will be inserted to the right side of the gun and cycle to the left).

Each burst is designed to deliver a wave of razor-sharp claw-like shrapnel from specifically shaped and etched Rubidium slugs that are detonated before leaving the barrel of the weapon (High slash damage, status chance, moderate crit chance, average crit damage, high projectile count, low puncture damage, no impact damage). However, the detonator for the slugs can be set to trigger on impact rather than upon leaving the barrel, turning each shot into a slug that scatters shrapnel around an area at the impact point (Toggle alternate fire mode, slugs explode on contact with enemies or surfaces to scatter the same shrapnel projectiles usually fired directly from the weapon around the point of impact, lower crit chance, higher status chance, lower overall damage, projectile has direct hit impact damage, shrapnel maintain slash damage focus and no impact damage).

Any feedback for these would be welcome.

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