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Stover The Immune. (OV Capture)


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Good evening.

This NW week is the first time, I went to capture critters in OV. While doing so, I ran into a frustrating problem.

The stovers were impossible to tame. Namely, I shot one in the face 5 times -- point blank -- and they still ran off. I looked them up in the wiki, and it said it only takes 2 shots.

So, either this mob or the dart gun is broken. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Yes, Stovers are badly broken.  The first hit registers, after that, none of the hits register.   It's also amazing that Stovers can track invisible objects.  They react to invisible different from everything in the game.  I'll shot one several times with Ivara.  It will either 1) bolt and be gone, or 2) it will ram Ivara several times even though she's invisible and continue to ignore the next 12 shots I put into it.  

I don't even hunt Stovers any more.  If a track appears near a cave, I select something else.  It's not worth the time even though they have great XP.

Please fix the hit detection of the tranq guns, especially with Stovers.

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