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CETUS - Host Migration causing Loss of Character Model and Abilities


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Hey, I think I found a new bug on the Plains of Eidolon, and it has a lot of weird stuff involved, so it might be worth looking into.

tl;dr: Host migrated while I was in operator form and my warframe disappeared entirely, then so did I until returning to Cetus. I was unable to use any ability but sliding like the Operator does in first-person.

More in-depth explanation:

I joined a public Teralyst eidolon hunt, muted the squad (to avoid possible toxicity), and we had at it. During our hunt, it became apparent that progress would be hard earned, one of the squad (the session's host), decided to leave. At that time, I was in Operator form. I'm not super into eidolon hunting, so I'm not sure if this is a common issue, but this is where the problems start.

When the game loads in again, my Nidus is on the floor and I have a Revive screen available, with 4 revives left. Despite this, I'm pinged back into Operator form almost immediately. I move around in Operator form a little, confused, and continue trying to help with the hunt, void dashing to avoid projectiles. When the time comes to unload actual weapons on to the eidolon, I find that I cannot return to my Warframe at all.

Were that not confusing and frustrating enough, experimenting with it and a general lack of skill has me die in Operator form. 'I'm relieved', I thought, 'I can return to my frame this way.', I believed.

Unfortunately, I spent the next twenty minutes walking at a painfully slow speed across the map. I had no abilities available (I thought at first) and the free roam expansion became a pretty walking simulator. Despite the grim situation I found myself in, I tried to communicate to my team that I was stuck, only getting one message out before losing the Operator form and finding chat unusable altogether.

Now, you might ask why I chose to stay and why my footage of the bug (or bugs) in question features me basically aimlessly wandering around. If you were stuck in the game with no way to communicate with your team and only loot to grab (with no means to return to Cetus without them just deciding to go along with it) what would you do? It was that or wait, really.

After nine minutes of walking from what seemed like a first-person viewpoint, I made three discoveries. One, that I probably still had a hitbox from some kind of player model (I hit a log in an odd way) and that I could use the Operator's slide to move faster (which is a discovery I wish I had made far earlier) and that water had no effect on me unless I went really deep (so, the visual effect was gone).

I should also mention that, despite muting everyone prior (which made everything worse, but I couldn't have known what was going to happen), Oпeci, the last person to leave (practically solo'd the thing himself, what a hero) could still send me an emoticon at the end to indicate his sadness at the failure.

Upon returning to Cetus, I'm back in my frame safe and sound. Weirdly, I'm unable to use the Operator form until reloading the map. Everything seems fine once more, but this wasn't exactly a pleasant situation for anyone involved to be in.


Oпeci, if you're reading this somehow, I'm sorry I couldn't help with the hunt. Thanks for being so patient.


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