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Is Armor Mod Good?



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The armor mod is useless for Loki. Most frames have the average base armor of 50 so the % increase can be good, however Loki has 10 base armor so even maxed out, youll only have 20 armor. Save it for tanky frames like Frost and Rhino that have 150 base armor

I'm pretty sure Loki has 50 base armor but you are correct with it being useless.

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lets say it simple.. can it be usefull? yes.  is it more usefull than other mods? NO!


we got so many mods that would be awesome to use. BUT... we only got  10 slots for mods. so u have to decide. and in 99% of all builds  u can use mods that help u more than armor. (best example: flow,focus,stretch)

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