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A New Way to Play the Nightwave Challenges


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Before i say anything want to say that i like the night waves and that i like that they make me play other mission types and the like and do things I don’t usually do in Warframe.

The catchup system is nice (among the other improvements in seasons 2), but I feel like why have it at all? I suggest instead of a different system based on the previous weeks instead. What I mean is that like in Fortnite (when I played that game) that you can always access the previous weeks challenges up until the season ends. This I feel would be better because so many games these days want to have seasons and I cannot keep up with them all.

It could basically look the same but with a dropdown menu with the weeks in it and one for the current week.

This is just what I think, and some refinement of the idea and other thoughts would be great.

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