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Drone stuck in tent on Plains


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Things I learned in today's sortie:

Apparently a Drone can get stuck in the tent southwest of hillside ruin.

Apparently the Grineer will really struggle to even make their way into the tent even if given ample time.

Apparently you can also start a bounty while in a Hills sortie. Not that it seemed to do anything other than show the start timer, play Konzu's voiceline and stop me from starting a new one.


In the given picture me and the drone had started from the south end of Gara Toht and made our way here. Sorry for the tongue in cheeck. Peace out.




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Had the same experience in today's sortie. We screwed around a bit before aborting (including discovering the same thing you did about accepting bounties out there, lol). When we restarted, we got the same path and had to abort a second time. Finally got a different destination on the third try so we could complete it.


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