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Sonicor Multishot bug


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Saw this one posted several times in other threads for other platforms but so far none of them have been addressed or acknowledged.

A clip from a WF streamer was included in one of these posts.

Multi shot on the sonicor causes some very extreme contrasting visual effects that can be deadly for people susceptible to occipital lobe seizures. The effect can be made worse with various energy color combinations, there was a red green pairing that made me put the game down for half an hour. The appearance in general is an extremely high contrast projectile that when you add energy/emission color very rapidly alternately flashing between the two in ring and core shape that causes the entire game to dim, even if your looking away.

I've met several players in game who, when asked, delight in its use because its obnoxious. Meanwhile a close friend whom I play with has to stop playing the game the moment anyone fires this gun because it very quickly induces a headache and nausea. I imagine there is a potential for triggering severe neurological conditions as well.

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