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Bio Weapons [Synapse, Embolist]


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after a extended period of play with the synapse ... ok. it s a flux. electrical, high crit. yeah.


a bio weapon that needs ammo. hmm k.


but instead of a flat weapon that shoot lazors. want we have someting that fit better his name ?


a weapon that can regenerate ammo, because unlike torid and acrid, they dont USE mutagens, they ARE mutant things, living and dangling.


the synapse should link targets around the primary one and deals dmg on them, it would turn this pale copy of a flux into a greaaat weapon. perhaps at the cost of a warmup time, like the gorgon !




and the embolist. he is great. the lack of range makes him useless if we are on the ground but heh, great anyway. but he should regen his ammo aswell. really. and same as the synapse, perhaps after a certain time of continuous shot, the range can extend a little, so we can use it on bosses, flying things, ancients and others, without getting destroyed awkwardly :)


it could become a recurring system on all infected technologies, auto regen, warmup, raw power, low to mid range !


my two cent as a tenno who love infested weapons, and really want a fun weapon outside of the allmighty ogris :'(

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Agreed on this, before Warframe i played Mass Effect 3, there were Collectors weapons that were able to regenerate ammo.

They were a single clip weapons which regenerates ammo 1 sec after you stop firing it, or if you eventually drain the clip it will cause an overheat with a 4 sec delay before it will be able to regenerate ammo from zero.

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Yes Synapse should get more than 1 shot, act the same way than the volts 1st power, a chain link... I mean it should be this way as electric arcs comes from electrical potential difference... so the enemy with the direct shot will have lets say (1cm of arc~ 1kVolts, 18m = 18MVolts...) 18MVolts should be enough to create an electric arc from 1 enemy to another at least 3 times (hit 3 enemies).


Also the weapon has 50% crit chance... GIVE US A FULL USE FROM THIS!!! at least it should be like multishot, if u get over 100% u can get another chance to double the effect. 100% of shot extra bullet + X% of shot another extra bullet, same for crits... 100% of yellow crit, and a 25% of red crit with Max crit chance mod.

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