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It Exists! C: *wrong One D:*


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So don't give up, that was my first ever survival T3 too, as I tend to hate survival I waited till now to do one.


Sadly for myself, I don't use other frames so it's useless to me, sure wish trading was around.






*EDIT: seems it was the Systems everyone said was hard to get, well my bad everyone! , I don't keep up with other frames so meh :P*

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The blueprint is harder to find. At least 20 survivals since u10 came out and not one bp, but I have all 3 pieces built and ready.

Now the blueprint is easier; it's a 25% chance in T1 survival (as compared to 11% for Systems in T3). Prior to 10.1.0, it was only a 7% chance in T2 Survival.

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