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Element Types Ignore Some of Enemy Armor


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Just wanted to make this more public because I'm seeing that a lot of people don't know about this. If an element has a type effectiveness bonus against an armor type, in addition to the damage bonus it also ignores that much of that armor type. Examples:

Corrosive deals +75% dmg to Ferrite Armor. This means it ignores 75% of enemy armor EXCLUDING its procs.

Puncture deals +50% dmg to Ferrite Armor, so ignores 50% of enemies armor. It also has +15% dmg bonus against Alloy Armor and ignores that much alloy armor.

Radiation (you probably saw it coming) deals +75% dmg to Alloy Armor, 75% armor ignored. (Poor eidolons)


This also applies to elements which deal less dmg to armor. Example:

Electricity deals -50% less dmg to Alloy Armor so enemies armor increases by 50% for calculating the dmg done by this element.


If you knew about this, cool. I just learned this recently.


For reference: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Armor#Alloy Armor

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yep this is why it is better to only strip 99% of armor than it is to strip 100% of armor.  Tested this with Oberon and his 1 against a level 115 jacal useing 87% armor strip and 100% armor strip I killed the bot in 2 casts for the 87% (and used hallowed ground to get the last few points of health less than a second was requiered) where the 100% armor strip needed 3 casts of smite before it fell (I did let carpet tick down for a few seconds but it did not kill it prompting the third cast) 

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