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A Small Tweak to Atlas's Tectonics?


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I genuinely enjoy playing Atlas a lot and get some use out of all of his abilities, but I think most would agree that Tectonics is probably the most lackluster out of all of them. I like plugging up doorways with it but that only works on certain maps and game modes and most of the time it's not exactly needed anyways. But, it made me wonder.

If other frames can get access to huge barriers such as Gara's Vitrify is there any reason why Atlas shouldn't be able to charge up Tectonics and make a bigger barrier with it? I think there's genuine value to be had in controlling the actual flow of where enemies can go, but it would be helpful if the thing actually covered, like, any real amount of space. I know there's an augment to make more of the things, but it's kind of sucky that Atlas has to spend more energy just to make an outright worse barrier. It's not like even letting it do this would somehow invalidate other skills that provide a defensive wall, especially since it only blocks in one direction and doesn't encircle something or other. I really wouldn't want the skill to just get removed like some seem to call for, I just feel that it could use a bit of help to get Atlas up to par somewhat with his weird brand of crowd control.

On that note, the boulder aspect seems a little bleh at times, too. Part of me was thinking Atlas could explode barriers into sprays of shrapnel that petrify enemies in the directional blast, but, that would be going beyond my initial idea of a tweak and I don't want to turn this into another thing of 'hey just change this thing entirely thanks'.

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