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K-Drive Bug


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Hello, I didn't see any reports of this on the first page or two, but I'm here to report an issue with the K-Drive. It's something I've seen off and on since Fortuna was first released. Anyways, since it's difficult to replicate, I have no way to properly record it since I don't know when it will happen. It happened to me today as of posting this.

The bug is when you dismount from your K-Drive, you cannot enter operator mode, shoot your gun (you can still aim it), or cast any of your Warframe abilities. Your Warframe will also refuse to animate running left or right. Instead, trying to run right or left will have you run forwards diagonally right or left. You can also not turn around, attempting to walk backwards just has your Warframe run in place. The animation looks like you're running forward, however you'll move backwards. However it looks like you have what I call "False Moving Leg Syndrome" or FMLS for short. Anyways, without the ability to cast any Warframe abilities, or shoot your weapon, you can see how this can be extremely crippling, if not game breaking.

In my case, a 5 part mission was awash because of this. Like I said though, it's difficult to replicate, and I'm not quite sure what caused it. Leading up to it, I was doing what I normally do, spamming K-Drive tricks en route to my next objective on Orb Valis. Arriving at the next objective, I moved to dismount and the following effects I outlined above occurred. If my logs are requested by DE staff, I will gladly post them in a support ticket.

-Thank you so much for your time and patience!

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