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=== Xp sacrifice and buff your Gun to Legendary Level ===


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You have a main gun you used nearly every day with millions and millions of Xp and cant do anything with it ?
I thought about an longterm reward system which let the player sacrifice the collected xp on his gun to improve single base stats of its gun and show the world how much he/she loves its little peacemaker. The main idea is to make the weapon of choice stronger or just to bypass some weaknesses.

The Idea:
-you have to max your gun at least 1 time to start the process.
-On the relay there is an special weapon-craftsman wich you have to talk to and give him some Ressources (which ressource depands on the faction of the gun), Credits and the needet Xp to rank up a stat with 1 Star/Tier.
-You can rank up a gun 5 times at max, either you choose 5 different stats  with level 1 (1Reloud,1Firerate,1Damage,1Critchance,1Crit.Dmg) or (2Reload 2Critchance, 1Damage) etc or you just toss all 5 stars at once in one stat.
-To gain the 1st star you have to earn and pay 10.000.000xp with that gun (for melee it may should be more Xp for its high and fast kill efficiency) 2nd star 15,000,000xp, 3rd 20.000.000xp, 4th 25.000.000 and 5th 30.000.000. I know this is an insane amount of numbers but it should also be an endgame upgrade and hard earnd over time AND you also will get a equal handsome reward out oft it. Because high effort should also be high rewardet. *cough*arbitration*cough*

The Reward
Each tier will grant you a permanent base-buff which also calculate with mods ofc, iff you dont like your choice you can just change the location of the star to find out whats the best combination. Also your weapon name will get another colour for every optained tier. (Super=Bronze, Mega=Silver // Ultra=Gold // Demon=Purple // Legend=Orange). The main goal is NOT to make every weapon Legendary, just a few or maybe only 1 for each class (rifle, pistol, melee), some weapon you realy think it deserved to be awesome other than how it was created.

____1st★ 2nd★ 3rd★ 4th★ 5th★___for Primary (Secondarys maybe needs some lower numbers,)
Cc_+5%_+5%_+5%_+5%_+5% =(you earn an total of 25% Critchance to your base stat, imagine a Seer with 30% base Cc)
Cd_+0,2_+0,2_+0,2_+0,2_+0,2 = (total of +1 Critdamage)
Fr_+2,0_+2,0_+2,0_+2,0_+2,0 = (total of +10 Firerate)
Mag+20%+20%+20%+20%+20% = im to lazy to calculate any further you get my drift 😉
Reload_-0,2_-0,2_-0,2_-0,2_-0,2 = (wont get under 0,2)
Sc_+5%_+5%_+5%_+5%_+5% = (same like Critchance)
Trigger_________?__________=(changed to Semi, Burst, Auto or charge and only needs one Star)
Acc_+10_+10_+10_+10_+10__ =(Accuracy, not sure iff anyone would use it but just to consider it)

Im not quite sure about melee because there comes the 3.0 update in (hopfully) near future, so would keep it out for now. But all in all that is my idea, what do you think boyz´n´girlz ?

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Right, because already incredibly effective weapons need more buffs.

If your weapon is effective enough to where you can collect such large amounts of XP, the question has to be asked: Does it need to be better? Do people need their Arca Plasmor and Catchmoons to be even more powerful than they already are?

It's a loaded question. The answer is no.

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