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[Hymn of the Cherubim] Is Looking For Someone Like You


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{Hymn of the Cherubim}:

Hello [Hymn of the Cherubim] is a clan, which like every new clan is going to be focused on Railjack and all the new content coming with it, but i don't want to waste your valuable time on things every other post already says.

Clan Plan:

We have high goals, we plan on winning the best ghost/shadow clan dojo once out dojo is finished, we plan to be the one of the best performing ghost/shadow clans in events, overall we want to be the best, but that also means we can help making you the best you can possibly be!

Now this might make you think crazy activity quotas and all that, but actually we have no activity quota, you can be offline or online as much as you like as long as you contribute and have fun you're good.


Here comes the requirements, MR18+ (Although we can make exemptions for returning vets), willing to use Discord and that's about it, if you don't fit the MR18 requirement we can also look at your missions completed to gauge wherever you can join

Other Notes:

Although Warframe is our main game we also plan on building a community, that plays all types of games together, because at the end of the day friendship is what truly matters!

All research is complete as well.

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