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Please fix both Ambulas on Pluto and Kela on Sedna


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I've been farming the bosses for Trinity and Saryn parts for a few days now and both need some fixing.

Currently Ambulas on Hades can only be hacked by the host, while other squad members cannot hack them. This isn't a random occurrence, it happens EVERY TIME (believe me I am sure of this, I did that mission countless times since those bloody systems for Trinity never seem to drop). What makes this even more inconvenient is that regular Ambulas in other missions ALSO can only be hacked by the current host, at least the ones in the Outer Terminus defence mission. Since we need nav points from hacked Ambulas for even entering Hades this is a significant problem.

As for Kela, the boss on Sedna that drops Saryn parts, she has a tendency to glitch when low on health and she falls through the map, becoming invincible. When this happens (at least twice out of  my 10 runs so far) the only thing all squad members can do is abort and repeat the mission.

Can you try and fix both bugs, please? Both Trinity and Saryn systems have a lower drop chance than the other parts, plus we need nav and judgement points to enter both missions. It's pretty time consuming to farm for those just as it is. When you can't complete the Kela mission or Hades takes forever because confused squad members keep trying to hack the Ambulas to no avail it becomes pretty infuriating.

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