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Assassins Of The Lotus [Quality Over Quantity] Recruitment Now Open


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   -Small Skilled Clan.

  -12Remaining Openings.

  -Must be active. 10 days of inactivity will result in a kick from the clan. 

  - Only two leaders so far. Possibly looking for a third.    




  -All Weapons Researched. Including the new infested weapons

  -Dueling Room.

  -Obstacle Course.

  -Easy to Navigate.



  -Are not required to be "Good" to join, that will come in time.

  -Willing to help.

  -Willing to teach.

  -Many current members enjoy high level defense (80+), along with high level nightmare modes just for the challenge.

  - It is recommended that you get to know people in our clan. It makes for a better clan and community 


*If interested in joining, please send request to AFancySpy in game; after making sure you have no current pending ones.

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