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Garuda Mod Idea

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The allies can be anywhere? Or is it within affinity range? 


Considering you can drop 3 altars, I dont see much utility with that augment. As you already heal rapidly in the altar area. 


Maybe if you could share energy with them... 

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23 hours ago, DescendantofSoraka said:

After reading Dread Ward, this idea came to my mind.

Blood Sacrifice - heals for 70% on Garuda's allies when she activates her Bloodletting inside the influence area of the Blood Altar. Healing for Garuda and her companion stays as it is.

I hope to hear some feedback for this idea.

This would imply you already have your blood altar up in which case if people aren't healing from the blood altar they're just being silly. So honestly the augment idea is really redundant considering the healing power of that altar

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