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Ember kit overhaul


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Ember used to be an amazing frame until DE nerfed the ever living S#&$ out of her. Although reverting her sounds like the solution. Her kit isn't exactly healthy to begin with. So I made this rework in hopes of fixing her issues and keeping her as a caster frame by overhauling her entire kit.

Passive(Scorch)-Enemies affected by her abilities will be enflicted with scorch which stacks. Scorch can be stacked onto individual enemies up to 100x. When enemies are at full stacks they explode and stagger nearby enemies. Enemies release all stacks on death onto nearby enemies. Explosion gives 30 stacks of scorch onto enemies hit. Explosion dmg deals 50 heat dmg per scorch stack.

10 energy
1)Burning pit-Throw spammable balls of fire which leave a patch of fire on the ground which will stagger enemies on initial impact and slow them for 20% enemies are dealt 100/230/400 heat dmg on initial impact and 50/100/175 per second within the patch of flame. You can spit out as much fireballs as fast as you tap the ability or hold it for ember to continuously throw fireballs. (Slow and dmg affected by PS) 10 stacks of scorch on initial hit and 1 stack in the patch of fire every 0.5s.

50 energy
2)Overheat-All enemy projectiles will disintegrate around her and burn nearby enemies for 50/75/100 heat dmg p/s. Additionally stacking 5 stacks of scorch p/s. Base range of 15m of DoT affect.

20 initial cast 5 p/s.
3)Igneous prone-Enemies within 20m become 100% more subsceptible to heat procs and take extra damage from heat damage. Enemies gain 5 stacks of scorch every 0.5s. 

120 energy
4)World on fire-Within 25m around ember flame pillars will erupt from the ground every second stunning enemies and dealing 500/800/1450 heat dmg. 50 stacks of scorch per hit and a base duration of 15s (No longer a channelled ability but now duration based) 

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