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New melee weapons.


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What would work is allowing the player to equip a primary sword and a second sword, while the melee weapon is a secondary pistol with shotgun qualities, the long range weapon can be set to something more like the abilities which can be called up with the magic and resources or environmentalist mutations which like mag who can transmute metals into spears and shields, the duelist could switch their primary sword and augment them in battle to enhance stability, maybe a floating set and aerial combat for this weapon can be added with some ki control, the weapon is unlocked by aquiring inniciation with the conclave, just as final fanatasy uses a jobcrytal, getting ranks with the weapon with affinity booster or not award the players who revisit the conclave and participat with various additional aughments and mods, connectors, and crystals, as well as skins, and relics, so leveling your primary weapon will mater and allow replayability, enhancement and usage of planets gearsmen, kit specialist schools to offer the players to dismantle a mastered weapon into a special riven, items, and exclusives which sometimes cant be traded with other players as other games have runes added to attacks and aetheric weapon forms, the twin blade users will have good reasons to aquire forma and visit all the planets gain, the mire is one of my favorite weapons in the game, but i think single sword and dagger users are constrained by the lack of morphing and combining, stance switching might work out with the right of passage which can call for the tiger or an orthodox fists stance to replace some attacks while being knocked down, and some passive traits which add variety to monster hunting and combat rewards, recharging scans, loot, and enfeebling.

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