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Why are there build delays?  Doesn't DE want people to play the game?  Right now I'm waiting for 3 days for the next step of research in my dojo (clan of 1) and 3 days for my next warframe to build.  Sure, for the WF I could throw platinum at it and have it finish (which isn't even possible with the research).  So, I'm sitting here wondering if I should farm something, throw platinum at my WF and weapons builds, or go play a different game for a few days?  DE clearly would prefer the former.  But is it worth the opportunity cost if I do the latter?


I'd suggest shifting from "waiting" to at least "farming" (I actually enjoy running around shooting sh*t up) and even better "playing".  Then permit plat to circumvent or shorten farming.  Once done with the mats collection, let people just finish up right away.

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No, not impatient.  Just easily bored.  And since I have a full-time job already I need to be able to play when I have time, not when the game thinks I should.  (Same reason I don't like games focused on clan activities, or more specifically scheduled game activities.)

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DE shouldn't take away the building times just because you don't always have time to play.


I agree, build times seem to only be there for DE to make money from people rushing it. I hate developers that do S#&$ like this, it ruins the game.


You know.. you can just wait?

12 hours

24 hours

3 days


Isn't that much, is it?

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When you get further into the game you'll find that the build times are irrelevant as you're too busy leveling other items during the builds.


If you're too impatient to wait, which by the fact you said you have not too much time to play anyway (meaning you have plenty of time to have your stuff build while you're at work) then fork out platinum.

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