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Forge, The Molten Warsmith - Ability Concept


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I've always wondered who actually made Tenno weapons and armor. I know the Orokin were responsible for Primes and such, but what about all the stuff that came after? I'm not too deep on the lore so there's probably something I'm missing, but I liked the idea of a Blacksmith type warframe who was responsible for the actual production of weapons and armor and came up with this ability concept for him. Since this is just an ability concept, I don't really have anything on his visual design aside from him having some sort of exposed molten core in his chest (think Nekros Prime but his chest is on fire). I'd appreciate any comments and constructive critique on this. Let me know what you think!

Name: Forge
Theme: Volcanic Blacksmith
Role: Disruptor/Bruiser

Stats (Values at Rank 30)


Health: 450
Shields: 100
Armor: 300
Energy: 150
Sprint Speed: 1.0



Aura: Vazarin (D polarity)
Exilus: None
Main: Vazarin, Madurai (V polarity)

(S) = Affected by Strength mods
(R) = Affected by Range mods
(D) = Affected by Duration mods
(E) = Affected by Efficiency mods
(C) = Affected by Cast speed mods
(U) = Unaffected by mods



Forge uses Scrap to empower his abilities. Enemies killed by Forge or who die within a 30m(U) radius of him drop a Scrap pickup. Each pickup grants 25(U) Scrap. Forge can carry up to 1,000(U). While Forge has sufficient Scrap to cast an empowered ability, the Energy cost for that ability is reduced to 0(U).

First Ability


Slag Burst:
25 Energy(E) OR 150 Scrap(U)
Forge expels a burst of molten slag from the core in his chest, dealing 500/1000/1500/2000(S) Heat damage to enemies in a 8/10/12/15m(R) long, 60°(U) cone in front of him. Enemies struck by this ability are afflicted with Forgefire, causing them to drop an additional Scrap pickup when killed.

Scrap Bonus
Slag Eruption:
This ability's is damage increased by 100%(U) and cone angle is increased to 90°(U). Forgefire now covers enemies in glass-like slag, slowing them by 30%(S) and gradually hardening over 5s(D reduces this to a minimum of 2.5s), immobilizing them for 10s(D). Additionally strips 30%(S) armor/shields.

Casting Slag Burst/Eruption is an upper body action, meaning it allows movement, but interrupts actions such as shooting, reloading, and melee. Can be cast in the air. This ability does not bypass obstacles and requires line of sight.


Second Ability


Tested Metal:
Energy(E) per strike OR 100 Scrap(U) per strike
Forge summons an anvil in front of him and begins striking it with his trusty smith's hammer. Each strike creates a pulse that buffs allies within a 15/20/25/30m(R) radius with Tested Metal for 6/8/10/12s(D). Tested Metal increases Weapon damage by 4/6/8/10%(S) and Armor by 25/50/75/100(S). Holding down the ability key will cause Forge to repeatedly strike the anvil in 1s(C) intervals . Every strike stacks the Tested Metal buff, increasing its duration and magnitude by up to 3x(U) the base value for a total of up to 12/18/24/30%(S) Weapon damage and 75/150/225/300(S) Armor for 18/24/30/36s(D). Forge is invulnerable while casting this ability and may recast it to add to the buff's duration and magnitude (up to the cap).

Scrap Bonus
Mending Metal:
Additionally grants allies the
Mending Metal buff, which grants 2/4/6/8(S) health regeneration per second. This regeneration is increased by up to 200%(U) as health drops, reaching maximum strength at 25%(U) health.

Casting Tested Metal/Mending Metal is a full body action that halts all movement and prevents other actions. Casting in air will bring Forge to the ground. This ability can bypass obstacles and does not require line of sight.


Third Ability


War Furnace:
Energy(E) OR 250 Scrap(U)
Forge's core burns with an intense heat, creating a localized field around him that partially melts incoming projectiles, gaining 50/55/60/65%(S, capping at 90%) damage reduction against projectiles for 15/20/25/30s(D). Enemies that melee attack Forge have their weapons completely incinerated and become disarmed (except for last resort melee weapons such as Grineer's Sheev).

Scrap Bonus
Billowing Flames:
Incoming projectile damage fuels War Furnace. While receiving projectile damage, this ability's timer is paused for 1s(U). Additionally grants 20/30/40/50%(S) Heat damage to weapons.

Casting War Furnace/Billowing Flames is an upper body action, meaning it allows movement, but interrupts actions such as shooting, reloading, and melee. Can be cast in the air. Cannot be recast while active.


Fourth Ability


Magnum Opus:
No Activation Cost, but requires at least 500 Scrap in pool to be activated
Drains 15 Scrap/s(U) while active
Forge pulls his ultimate creation out of his very heart, his Exalted Hammer, Magnum Opus, and slams it onto the ground upon initial cast, dealing 1,000/2,000/3,000/4,000(S) Heat damage in a 15m(U) radius and knocking down enemies. The initial slam has an internal cooldown of 10s(U). The hammer has a base damage value of 250/300/350/400(S). While Magnum Opus is active, Scrap costs for Forge's other abilities are reduced by 50%(U). The ability ends when Forge runs out of Scrap or is manually deactivated.

Ability Synergies
>Enemies affected by Forgefire receive 50%(U) bonus damage from Magnum Opus.
>Casting Tested Metal/Mending Metal while Magnum Opus is active causes Forge to strike the anvil using his Exalted Hammer instead, creating powerful shockwaves, staggering enemies within a 15m(R) radius. The shockwave from the third strike during a single cast opens enemies up to melee finishers.
>War Furnace's flames extend onto Magnum Opus, granting 30%(R) bonus reach to the hammer while both are active at the same time.




Magnum Opus Stats:
Attack Speed: 0.833
Critical Chance: 23%
Critical Multiplier: 2.1x
Damage Block: 85%
Slam Attack: 1,500
Slam Radius: 10m
Spin Attack: 600
Status Chance: 18%
Wall Attack: 700

Impact: 200
Heat: 200

Reach: 8m




(Author's note): I've decided to use the Melee 3.0 combo scheme for this concept instead of the Live scheme. You may also notice that I've incorporated a lot of slams into the moveset. This is because it's a freaking hammer and the downward swing motion is something very common among blacksmiths. Also I find bonking things enjoyable.

Stationary Combo (Melee with no additional inputs):
Slow, downward swings that act as mini slams, creating shockwaves around the point of impact, staggering surrounding enemies. The fourth attack in the chain is a true slam that knocks enemies down.

Forward Combo (Forward + Melee):
Wide horizontal swings with no damage multipliers. Only two swings in the chain (left and right) which loop. Used to clear trash mobs.

Stationary Block Combo (Block + Melee):
Swings the hammer once in a full 360
° a la Broken Bull followed by a horizontal forward sweep that knocks enemies off their feet and finishes with a slam.

Forward Block Combo (Forward + Block + Melee):
Lurches forward with a powerful uppercut that launches enemies into the air (just above your head) then leaps forward with a ragdolling slam.

Slide Attacks (Slide + Melee):
A low, wide spin that releases a small spray of slag in a 45
° cone in front of Forge, inflicting enemies with Forgefire at the cost of 50 Scrap(U) for 10s(D).

Slam Attacks (In air, melee while aiming towards the ground):
Slam attacks can be charged by holding down the melee button while in the air, increasing the radius and damage by up to 100%(U). Charging the attack briefly holds Forge in the air.

Wall Attacks (Melee during wall latch):
Seriously, who even uses these?
Leaps in the aimed direction, hammer first. Upon contact with an enemy or surface, deal damage in a 5m(U) radius.


Thanks for reading!

Edit: Corrected text error under fourth ability.


Edited by Evil_Sam_Rye
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Overall, nice kit. A couple of odd choices here and there.

27 minutes ago, Evil_Sam_Rye said:

base value for a total of up to 12/18/24/30%(S) Weapon damage

Low numbers , quite a few frame have buffs over 100% weapon damage. 


29 minutes ago, Evil_Sam_Rye said:

The hammer has a base damage value of 250/300/350/400(U).

I am pretty shure all exalted weapon scale with power strength.

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Thanks for the feedback,

9 minutes ago, keikogi said:

Low numbers , quite a few frame have buffs over 100% weapon damage.  

My reasoning for the lower values here was because of the energy/scrap cost attached to it. I compared the numbers to other frames with damage boosting abilities like Mesa's 2, Rhino's 3, and Octavia's 4. While Mesa's 2 grants less weapon dmg at base, it has added CC at 50 energy. Rhino's 3 increases all damage but at a higher energy cost at 75 and Octavia's 4 is basically her ultimate ability so it makes sense at the cost of 100 energy it grants massive damage. With this ability costing up to 45 energy/300 scrap at base, I think it justifies the lower numbers.

13 minutes ago, keikogi said:

I am pretty shure all exalted weapon scale with power strength. 

Whoops! That's an error that slipped by me. I'll fix it. Thanks for pointing it out.

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