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Another host migration failure

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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On 2019-07-30 at 11:14 PM, (XB1)Tucker D Dawg said:

Mobile defense. Objective completed. Two of us in extraction, 30 seconds remaining on extraction timer. Host migration. Returned to orbiter. Complete waste of time. Like almost all host migrations.


Happened to us almost exactly the same. I’m at the extraction point, 24 secs til the extraction, host migration, then immediately “failed to create a session” error, forced out to the log in screen, received my daily log in reward, logged in aaaand...nothing.

35 mins of Ani, Void survival was for nothing, I didn’t even show up on my squadmates’ Mission result screens. When I pressed start to see the last mission results - the results were for the mission we did before, it like I skipped 35 minutes of my gameplay entirely.

I’m waiting for a screenshot from from my clan mate, who did make it.

Can I get some of the rewards anyhow? 

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