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New Button To Customzation - Reset To Default


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Tediousness is the bane of many games-- and having to constantly go back to remove all attachments, regalia, syandana, colors, etc. is quite tedious when you have many tastes for fashion. It takes a lot of time to constantly go in and remove all armor 1 piece at a time, or to reset the colors of X, Y, and Z, just to start anew for a new color scheme.

So heres an unoriginal idea. Why not add a button on the appearance menu that says "Reset Appearance", where once clicked it removes all attachments, syandana, regalia, animations, skins, and resets the colors of all applicable fields. Itd save the player time and lets them create from scratch once more sithout forgetting some names or details along the way of removing it all manually. 

Because I love constantly creating new looks but even the thought of manually removing everything kills my interest in designing half the time. 

Or does this already exist and am I a moron for not seeing this option? 

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