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Shadow/Storm Clan Recruiting


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Hello everyone, Looking for a clan not too big but also not too small? Cephalon Army may be right for you! We're currently a shadow clan growing to a storm clan (100 members) once all research is complete where we will stay at that capacity. Why? because Quality members > Quantity members. Strict non trolling Anti-toxicity mindset community with an alliance of equal views as us that is 3,000 members large!

- Discord will be required when we achieve storm clan.

- No toxicity

- 7 day inactivity timer

- Searching for friendly and super active members, any MR is welcome.

- No "in the dark" about how to achieve ranks/roles. Everything is documented in the discord.

- Hosted events with plat prizes for more experienced players, and other GOOD rewards for lower MR players (forma bundles/wep & frame slots/ Ect.)

-Reaction role discord with rooms set in place.

-Most research done (minus Hema, Knux, and some colors. No ignis wraith).

-Dojo decorations that we plan to change every few months according with seasons so it stays fresh.

If you would like to join our community get in contact with me in game! I'm not that active on forums. I'm Active commonly between 12PM - 10PM EST

Pictures of clan progress thus far:


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