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Chat Size Resets Every Login


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I currently play on 4K display and set the game to that resolution. I have the Chat size set to 200 so it’s not super small.

However, every time I re-login the chat window resets to its normal small size.

If I go into the settings to fix it, the chat size is still set to 200 though.

I can get the size back to 200 visually by changing the setting to something else and then changing it back to 200 again and hitting confirm. I have to do this every time I login.

The chat resizing also has the downside of changing the chat window position each time I login, because it seems to go back to normal size but try and keep the same upper position.

I haven’t seen a way to fix this online yet, or anyone else point it out, so just putting it here so the devs can see. Thanks!

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