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Tenno Vs. Epilepsy


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Hey everyone! So, this might seem like a weird thing, but I'd like to advocate for a movement towards graphics settings that might be friendly towards people with particular impairments. Let me start from the beginning.

A year ago I had brain surgery to remove a mass in my head. After recovering I discovered that I now suffer from migraines and symptoms of epilepsy. During my recovery I had a lot of time on my hands to get back to games that I hadn't had the time to sink into. It was at this time that I had to uninstall a bunch of games off my library. There are a lot of games that don't give me enough control over the graphics to lesson my difficulties. 

Warframe is a beautiful game. Fashion Frame ftw! However the first thing I did when I logged back in was turn down the graphics effects, lower the brightness, and slowly adjust my settings so that I wasn't smashed in the head with a hammer just by looking at it. I've gone through this process with all my games. The issue I'm having is a balancing act. If I turn down the brightness, contrast, effect intensity and particles it definitely helps, but at some point I can no longer clearly see what's happening and what is going on. So much of the game is told in visual and audio cues it can be a little overwhelming. 

The biggest issue is usual with the brightly colored particle effects of teammate's abilities being used...let's say...frequently. It doesn't help that I main Trinity and enable this behavior. (Also I love Wisp, but them laser beams are face melting O_O) 

So, does know a way to adjust the brightness/colors/particles of ONLY my teammate's effects? If not I'd make the suggestion that perhaps a setting like this could be looked into. This probably sounds incredibly selfish, but I know someone else out there is probably trying to work around this kind of issue as well! We can't get around our love for the game and just don't want to give it up! I'm making due at the moment. The friends I play with have been nice enough to adjust their colors a bit for me! However I can't simply join up with public groups online. I feel bad for either having to leave or stare at a corner, not really helping the team. 

Anyway, feel free to disregard this if it's too much wishful thinking. I just wanted to know if anyone else had this kind of problem and if there might be a solution. Other than quitting the game ofc. I mean, it is an option, but I think everyone here will understand why I don't want to do that. 

I'd like to note that I do know there is a topic similar to this one already, but I wanted to make it clear that I'm not complaining or making demands. It's my responsibility as the one with the health concern to be aware of what I'm consuming and be careful of my own limitations. I certainly don't hold DE responsible for my own difficulties. I'd like this to be a positive topic of discussion with perhaps some helpful community insight!

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