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As we all Know Alliances are really out of the loop right now. BUT they are still highly used and they help. I myself am a Co-Founder of an Alliance and we primarily use Discord for management. But I was looking into the bare bones of the Alliance. We need to be able to assign roles within the Alliance similar to how we assign it on Discord. 

I would love to see a feature maybe new or added to have an app downloadable that links with your platform (i.e. Xbox one, PlayStation, etc.) And it will list the clans within your Alliance and the gamertags of the leaders therein. There you can manage them AND their members with specific roles for the Alliance. Such as Moderator or Whatever else. In our Discord we have nods that we would love to assign to in game chat. Sadly how it is set right now, we can only set the clan itself as moderator and then whoever within the clan has the title of moderator can moderate the chat. 

This is not what Alliance Directors need. We need something to manage everyone within the Alliance. We need to be able to see whose the leader in a clan, how many members they have, as well as see the length of time members have not played. (Personally I am fine with just seeing their roster and the roles therein and whose in them.)

Some say this would be intrusive, however I would argue this would be best. This way Alliance Directors would be able to manage the Alliance they see fit. Instead of relying on third party apps to show the authority of the members. 

Along with this (similar to twitch) they can have badges on their name. Only when typing in Alliance Chat. This is to show their position in the Alliance. 

Of course I love Discord and it's easy and fun to run a server to manage the Alliance, however it would make the job of Alliance Director a heck of a lot easier to do when knowing these things I have written. 

Lastly, it would be great to indicate more than one Founder in the Alliance. In clans there is 1 founding Warlord and then Warlord. In the roles of Alliance pls make it to where at least 2 to 4 people can be Founders or even more, this shows inclusiveness to deserving people. If these additions are made I feel it would make Alliances have a foot hold on the future of this great game we all love and enjoy.

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