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Perfect Captures Orb Vallis don't count to Nightwave POST 24.5.0

(XBOX)Tucker D Dawg

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on 7/30 @[DE]Megan posted  update 24.5.0 which supposedly included 


Fixed Perfect animal Captures not always giving credit for Nightwave Acts when it should.

This is definitely not fixed.


After that hotfix went to orb vallis with a friend

, neither of us had completed the nightwave perfect capture challenge yet.  I was host and doing all the captures as he did not yet have the echo lures.  I was using Ivara to sleep them, not the tranq rifle.  

  • Third perfect capture - didn't register for him, it did for me. (He was within affinity range - in fact standing right next to me as I picked up the animal).  of note was this particular animal got "stuck" in the pickup animation - an old bug still not fixed which meant we had to switch animal types to keep going as once this happens you can't interact with that animal types pile of S#&$ anymore until you  a different type.
  • next capture worked for both people
  • Fifth perfect capture didn't work for EITHER of us - animal stuck in pickup animation again. (note this is the 5th perfect, actually the 6th cap in total as the one before we accidently alerted.)
  • six and seventh perfect capture didn't work for either of us. We aborted and returned to fortuna

Returned to orb vallis after reset

  • First two captures worked for me - I was complete with Challenge at this point.  Second one didn't register for him (again he was within affinity range)
  • Third perfect cap didn't register for him - animal stuck in pickup animation again
  • fourth perfect cap registered for him - he was now complete.


So as host - 70% success, non-host about 50%.  These are ONLY the perfect captures and ONLY where he was within affinity - as I mentioned I alerted one accidently and didn't count that, and one other perfect capture he wasn't in affinity range so didn't count that either.




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I've made 5 perfect capture on 2 different kinds of animals. But I'm still at zero capture. Not a single one worked. If only different animals work, I should at least be at 2. I'm not even talking about the several times when the birds float 15+ meters above the ground once tranq'ed.

Thought it might be because I had capped my Ostron standing that day, so I tried again the next day. Still not a single perfect capture counted.

That challenge is broken AF.

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