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Fortuna Pigment Drops


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I am trying to finish up my clans pigments, and set up memoriam purple to be the pigment to collect. I farmed the vallis for about 30min and received 0 pigment drops with both resource bosters activated. (this is on PS4 btw).

So I restared my game as I have noticed someone the right pigment wont drop until I restart. Went out framing for about another hr, I know I killed the right enemies, and still 0 drops. My clanmates reported the same thing happening to them.

I have since switch the color we are researching to one that drops on the regular star map, Orange to be exact, and we are getting pigment drops with no issue. 

I hope you can check on the pigment drops in the Orb Vallis on PS4, as I think there is a bug there some where. I have seen on the forums that others are having the same issue with other Fortuna colors. TY for taking a look.

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