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Archwing mods



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Off the top of my head, the best thing you probably won't have from normal playing is Combustion Rounds, so you can make radiation archgun builds. You can get dual stat status mods like magma chamber, searing steel, contamination casing, etc from razorback and fomorian, when those come around. The physical damage mods & the orb heist specific mods are also pretty rare and good to have.

Aside from that, efficient transferal, system reroute, morphic transformer/primed morphic transformer from baro ki'teer are pretty good.

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Electrified Barrels & Combustion Rounds for Radiation (Profit Taker)

Hollowed Bullets, Critical Focus & Parallax Scope for crit (Critical Focus is only available from Profit though)

Sabot Rounds & Rubedo-Lined Barrels for base damage

Ammo Chain to reduce Archgun Deployer downtime

Dual Rounds for multishot

Automatic Trigger for fire rate on slow weapons (e.g. velocitus)

Generally for most archwing missions only the base damage, crit and multishot mods are needed, maybe fire rate but thats preference.


Hyperion Thrusters for speed (makes it a breeeeze on open world)

Efficient Transferral for duration

Energy Amplifier for range (must have on Itzal)

Auxillary Power for +energy

System Reroute for efficiency

Morphic Transformer for strength


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