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no loot no xp on Jupiter survival


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I played an almost 30 min survival mission on Jupiter which a buddy of mine hosted which ended in a peculiar way. There were three of us - let's call them: the host, the stranger and me. The final scene was as follows - the host and me dead on the extraction pad, the stranger off somewhere, still alive. Extraction timer just reached zero, the host respawns first and completely, then me - at least partially - and then the extraction happens.

That's where the fun part truly begins. As I am returning to the ship, on my Mission Report I see 2/3 of the players stats (damage dealt/taken, headshots, etc) - for the host and the stranger - and nothing else. No stat data for me, no mod rewards, no item rewards, no equipment xp - just blank.

Once I am on the ship, the Last Mission Report shows all the missing progress & rewards stats for me, but I noticed that all the xp for my equipment was appllied to the items as if they were unranked. Per example, I wore the rank 30 Excalibur - the Last Mission Report showed that I leveled up to rank 14

In the game itself I got no loot and no xp from the mission.

So that's it - definitely not a feature. I suspect my being the last to revive while the extraction is happening was the culprit.

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