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An idea for a Warframe Story.


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My humble opinion, My humble opinion, to pursue a new public or expand further, it would be nice for Warframe to have a general restructuring, I say in everything, something that feels like it's a new game, but it's still Warframe. I say in the sense that people had the feeling that it was a Warframe 2, like:

 “Create a story of a new war of intergalactic scale that catches the eye of an alien race from another galaxy unheard of in the game, far more threatening, much smarter and devastating technological and warlike power, a race that makes you lose all your skills, warframes, and faith that you will succeed, and in the end you cannot, this race leaves you drifting almost dead in a new solar system, thinking it has defeated you and your species.

Soon you and the wreckage of your ship fall on a planet that would be an open world, "similar" to the Eidolon Plains, but with a technologically and scientifically advanced central city, gigantic and welcoming, with Npcs and trading systems, a living city. .

When you fall on this planet, you must first survive the existing threats with the remains of weapons and materials left from your Orbital, several natural threats will be in your way before you find shelter in the great central city of the Planet. There you find and realize that 3 warframes of your choice from your arsenal, at the beginning of the story you are given the right to choose these 3, are functioning and survived the battle unharmed.

From then on you meet a welcoming civilization that helps you rebuild your old warframes, create new warframes with a power customization system, regain your skills as a Tenno and acquire new skills that can be customized and help you win this new war. will come.

That would open up a huge possibility of game modifications, from Warframes, Operator, Mods, Powers, Abilities, Orbital, Landing Craft .... that happen today in message form in InBox, and would happen dynamically told as a story. and some cinematics through a group of scientific NPCs living in this city.

Giving you the opportunity to leave behind, even delete some things from the game and at the same time implementing new ones like Orbital, Landing Craft, Skills, Warframes .. it's just an idea!

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So, what you're saying is that you want DE to throw Warframe in the bin and start over from scratch with a completely different story? Might as well make a new game

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13 минут назад, Bryuf сказал:

So, what you're saying is that you want DE to throw Warframe in the bin and start over from scratch. Nice idea

First of all this.

Second - what I always liked in warfame and it's story development is how cleverly DE managed to give this universe its unique flavour and sci-fi feel at the same time evading adding the bloody aliens into the mix.

Basically the thing with aliens is that everyone can say "I want aliens in my sci-fi", but no one can then add them competently. 99,9% of 'aliens' in sci-fi are these utterly stupid humanoids with a rubber mask attached to the head, sometimes (this is considered a deeply thought through alien race by the way) with a slightly bulkier/skinnier complection. Which is laughable. And this happens every time. As if every time people thinking aliens their imagination shuts down.

The general rule of thumb when speaking of aliens: if they are there, you can confidently cross out the 'sci' part of sci-fi.

So please. No. Aliens.


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