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Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.5.0 +

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Thank you for the Itzal nerf, really looking forward to the blink remove    /s


Fixed the Itzal’s Penumbra Ability resulting in a ‘ugly insta stop’ animation.

It was nice to "insta stop" since archwing have way, way to much inerta which makes stoping so annoying....

After a quick test I sadly noticed that we still can´t scan the POE animals:

And after missing just the blazing step ephemera i wonder if there are any plans to rework the ephemera drops?

They were introduced as "reward for challenges", but except for the bleeding body one they all ended up in a pure RNG hell.
I´ve run far more than 100 eso runs and got no blazing step ephemera and someone I know got it from his 3rd run, feeling so bad for his luck he even offered eso runs to me...
And some have an even more unlucky rng:

But i would also like to hear something about this changes (maybe I should post those in the dev stream threads))

  Inhalt unsichtbar machen

Ghoul Bountys messages are forced inbox messages:

And the new Index map is still inferior to the old one, why was it changed?


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Thanks for the patch notes.

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Garuda's Talons are still excluded of weapon-restricted missions. Her Exalted Weapons are the ONLY exception to the weapon restriction rule.

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