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Wukong Deluxe: Update 25.5.0 +

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12 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed the Sonicor and Opticor having an overly bright FX

Just for this as a start I'm already happy, keep fixing overly bright / intrusive / opaque FXs please. Just to keep naming a few weapons:

  1. The projectile impact creates a white blast FX that has nothing to do with the energy colors of the weapon: Plasmor Arca, Catchmoon,
  2. Their explosion FX with bright colors are extremely eye hurting and they can induce to headaches: both Simulor, Staticor.
  3. Fully opaque clouds don't let you see the enemies: Mutalist Cernos, Pox.
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20 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed misaligned Certus Brace and Propa Scaffold when building an Amp.

mmmm, nope. patently untrue, all three fortuna braces are exactly as backwards as they were before and now ALL SEVEN amp scaffolds are twisted broken as well. try again

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14 minutes ago, Lord_Khaavren said:

“Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!”

This should have been added as an option, not just universally applied.

Even worse, it makes for mostly awful combinations as many of the individual palettes are designed to contrast their specific colors nicely when used by themselves. Now, selecting across all palettes actually results far more often in two or more similar colors, deadening any sort of the vividly contrasting color schemes. I am not impressed with this "feature" at all.

Edited by SirinCorium
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3 minutes ago, Descent-of-Damocles said:

Isn't itzals penumbra supposed to be an air brake? I use it whenever I'm going too fast

It still brakes as intended! Just cleaned up the animation a bit.

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17 minutes ago, MurchiK42 said:

I was trying to swap my favorite colors and my interface was frozen (but not the game). All I could do was press alt+f4/


same here, trying to move favorites around consistently softlocks the game, only way out of it is force-closing the game

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33 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:
  1. Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!

Hallelujah, for quite a while I thought the RNG function was broken for the color randomizer until I realized what it was doing. :laugh:

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29 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Fixed missing Codex entries for the MK-1 weapons, Braton Vandal and Lato Vandal.

So close to more Codex fixing 😐

Are there any more Codex fixes in the future? There are a number of things that should be fixed/balanced:

  • Plains animal scans got wiped and are no longer scanned into the Codex since the Jovian Concord.
  • Several Vapos Corpus entries aren't there (the Vapos Ranger variants as well as their Nullfier and Eximus variants)
  • Vapos Eximus scans are too high for their frequency, especially the Vapos Prodman Crewman Eximus.
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5 minutes ago, Milinko said:

So what happened to " melee 3.0 will ship with wukong deluxe? "

It was never a thing. The most they said is that Wukong's rework is pulling from Melee 3.0 for his new stance.

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34 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!

finallly......for me this is this is bigger than anything the game will ever add....finally DE yasssssss....!!!!

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38 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

We have released substantial improvements to the Colour Customization of Warframe!  

  1. You can now view your Palettes in a redesigned screen that allows for more convenient browsing of your options. The old single-column design took a long time to scroll, and the new two-column cleaner design is much more streamlined.  
  2. Random colour now chooses across multiple palettes!
  3. Any Legacy colours cannot be saved as favourite - this is to fix a bug that would prevent any and all customization saving. 
  4. +5 new ‘Favourite’ Colour slots!  
  5. Added new ‘drag’ functionality to the Favourites grid so you can move colour around! 
  6. Added focus sound to swatch grid, and select sound when toggling favorites!

Would have been nice to get the option to default to our 'favourites' palette.... and the ability to copy and paste our customisation from one frame to another....

edit: and I still don't like the look of wukong deluxes 'stone texture'...

Edited by LSG501
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37 minutes ago, [DE]Megan said:

Revenant Fixes:

  • Fixed Armored enemies affected by Revenant's Danse Macabre continuing to take Corrosive Damage after the Armor has gone, resulting in less damage because Flesh is stronger to Corrosive than Armor is.

So what damage type would Danse Macabre actually deal once armor is completely stripped? 

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