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Nidus Cyst Removal


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We all spend some time choosing skins attachments syandanas for our warframes
then we spend more time choosing colors
now we get upgrade to color pallet UI

so in other words we all do our best to make our stuff look cool/fun/nice

and then come nidus cyst
that 1 god damn scar on our waframes and we pretty much have no control over it
because either while each time starting a mission we check if we have nidus in squad and leave if we do
or we just go with any mission not checking it and wish for not being infected if nidus happens to be in our squad

im mr27 and trough my whole gameplay i was ONCE asked to try to infect other player with cyst (for that kubrow which can be made out of it)
so i will never say it is bad feature and should be removed

but waiting for it to fully grow up before we can remove it is just plain stupid
i dont see any reason why we should be forced to wait for it to grow up and see every time we look on our warframes that diode on our neck

it should not be removed from the game but we should have option to remove it whenever we want and not after it fully grow

this would not affect any1 who would just want to wait for it to fully grow and would give choice to any1 who like me just see it as a pain u need to go trough

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19 minutes ago, Dark_Lugia said:

I have an even worse nightmare for you: it doesn´t have to be nidus to be infected, any warframe with a cyst will infect you.

Sleep tight!

more reason for cyst to be removable before fully grown

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1 hour ago, Hobie-wan said:

Hold on, let me get my....

Wait, I can't find it.

Man, small instruments are so easy to lose.


It's not a big deal. Remove it after a week if you're not making a charger.

But this is the point. Why wait a week? What detrimental effect does it have on gameplay if it can be removed straightaway?


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1 hour ago, Zyzyx9 said:

You have the cyst for a week so it has a chance to spread to other players who might actually want it.

best argument ive seen here so far because when someone want it he will wish for luck of getting it from some random player in random squad instead of just asking someone with cyst on recruit chat to help him get infected

damn that opens my eyes
my idea will harm others...

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