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Erlang Prime Oculus virtually opaque/other operator prime acc bugs

(XBOX)Gem Pheenix

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This recent hotfix has created some sort of super reflective/refractive mess to appear over the effect of the Erlang Prime Oculus rendering it virtually opaque from multiple angles. also, when looking for an old screenshot to compare it to I noticed that all 3 of the operator prime accessories, Erlang Prime Oculus/ Anten Prime Earpiece/ and Respa Prime Mask. Are all missing lighting effects that they had when they released, I've made a comparison image to show.6bxOM67.jpg

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added image to post.
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Normally I wouldn't even have bothered to worry about this as it's fairly minor, but I realized that it's so minor that it could probably slip through the cracks, like things sometimes tend to with your busy development schedule. But I and others like me who also bought the mesa prime accessories pack because they looked awesome spent a fair bit of money on these cosmetics. Expensive bugged cosmetics shouldn't be allowed to fall through the cracks.

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