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Accessability issue with new Colour Picker UI


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The new Color picker UI is nice and all, but with any light color, it's now excessively difficult to find the color you have selected, due to the selection being a small white triangle in the corner of the color and nothing else. If you're a bit colorblind, or even if your screen just has poor contrast, it can be very hard to see that triangle to know what color you already have selected (which is useful when you want to match colors)

...Also, unrelated, but can we please have a button to match Emissive/Energy colors? I.E. click one, and have a button in the bottom of the screen that says "match with other slot" which will just auto-pick the same color as is in the unselected emissive/energy slot. A similar button for matching Energy color to Emissive color or Emissive to Energy would be nice as well. Just to make fashionframing quicker now that we have up to 4 energy colors to set per item instead of 1.

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