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Good Secondary To Go With Paris Prime?



Paris Prime being a sniper would need a good secondary to help it do fine and balance a loud out.


As of right now I'm planning to go Paris Prime/Seer/Dakra Prime but the Seer is just another sniper.


I'm kind of bored of using the throwing knives and was looking for something a bit different outside of Kunai/Despair/Hikou.


Anyone know of any good secondaries to balance out the Paris Prime and take care of hordes of enemies with ease?

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Acrid. If you want automatic guns then Twin Gremlins. Bronco Prime is good at close-range, it's a pocket hek.



Bronco Prime.

Twin Gremlins

Dual Bronco.



Bronco Prime is a good close-range shotgun pistol.

All suggested is great.

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