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Hide/Disable Minimap/Map Overlay


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Awhile back I decided to do something different in Warframe and navigate a Kuva Fortress Spy mission without any help from a map. I did the same thing on Earth, The Void, and Lua and I must say, it was an incredibly refreshing and fun experience. However, the only way to accomplish this, was to completely shut off my UI, which made resource management a nightmare. Would it be possible to get a menu option that allows us to simply disable the map AND objective waypoints from our HUDs so those who are feeling adventurous can actually explore a given mission?

Let me tell you, the RUSH of panic in a survival mission you get not knowing where the next life support tower is spawning in made Survival missions SO MUCH FUN! The only issue is that I have to turn the entire HUD off to experience it...

I think this would be a wonderful addition to the game and here's to hoping it can actually become a thing.

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