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Banger - "i Am Heavy Weapons Guy" [Frame Idea]


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Because I want a frame which specializes in gun play XD


Equipped with advanced nano-fabrication technology Banger is able to super charge his gun in a number of different ways, mowing down hostiles faster than anything else.


HP: 100-250

Shield: 100-200

Armor: 50

Energy: 100-200


Ammo Box: 25 energy

Banger drops a selection of ammo on the ground at his feet, providing at least one of each ammo type. Rank increases the number of extra boxes dropped


Spray and Pray: 50 energy

For the next 4/5/6/8 seconds Banger draws ammo from his nano-fabricator arrays rather than his clip. He does not need to reload and has infinite ammo for the duration, in addition his weapon's critical chance increases by 10/30/50/70%. Banger can not use Ammo box while this ability is active.


Mechanical Curse: 50 energy

Banger emits a wave of energy which temporarily disables the weapons of all enemies in a long cone in front of him. For the next 2/4/5/7 seconds enemies fumble with their weapons attempting to unjam them. Should the target take fire damage during this time part of their ammo store explodes, dealing x/X/Xx/XX damage, this may only happen once per target.


Volatile Aura: 100 energy

When activated Banger generates a 10/15/20/25m field around him making fire arms of enemies very dangerous to use. If an enemy attempts to use a weapon in this aura they deal damage to themselves equal to their weapon damage every time they shoot. The Aura lasts 5/7/9/11 seconds. Enemies which do not have fire arms suffer the same effect from their melee attacks.

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Well, to be honest one of the abilities I considered was called 'Bang'


Hell, Ima post a few of my 'other ideas' for abilities for this frame:


Bang: 75 energy

Banger generates a shaped charge explosion dealing high damage to everyone close to him and in a longer cone in front of him


Rocket Jump: 50 energy

With a large explosion dealing moderate damage around him Banger goes flying into the air


Pop: 50 Energy

A small explosion generates a high powered shock wave around Banger, sending enemies flying and dealing moderate armor piercing damage.



And yes, I am bad at naming things


If you have a problem with it, bite me :P

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This frame had nothing to  with heavy weapons... Also his 3rd ability is radial disarm but better and cheaper.


And crush is a better version of avalanche :P


I was considering a 'you pull out giant minigun' type ability but.... rather not replace weapons, just make whatever you are holding a minigun


Erk, another ability I considered:


Best Defense: 100 energy

Banger deploys a pair of shoulder mounted chainguns, these automatically engage the closest target for X duration dealing Y armor piercing damage. They also will shoot down slower projectiles, such as missiles aimed for Banger or near by allies.

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