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Decoration placement in orbiter


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On 2019-08-01 at 1:54 AM, (PS4)JesseWCoe said:

So I placed down my female devotee noggle just as mission was starting and when I returned my orbiter it was neither placed in my ship or in my inventory.


Is there a way to get this back? Has anyone else had this happen?


i haven't had that, but i would be interested in the answer. i have had a problem with placing decorations in the orbiter that get stuck underneath flooring so effectively disappear as there is no way to pick them upmove them again. this may be what happened to yours, or it may have a similar solution. i've lost about 3 of those tenno rugs you can only get from baro

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So I ended up placing my other devotee noggle at about the same place as I placed the one that disappeared. I revisited my personal quarters where I placed it several times but I didn't see it reappear.

But somehow a couple days later I logged in to find them both in the same spot overlapped slightly.

I know it wasn't me just somehow being blind. It definitely wasn't there when I place the other noggle but somehow it's fixed itself.

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