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Conservation pickups while in Operator mode


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With the NW weekly of Orb Vallis conservation going on, I went to go work on it.  As my main is Nezha, experience in PoE has shown me that I shouldn't try to call for pickups of tranq'd animals while having Warding Halo running.  (It'd be nice to not have Warding Halo kill tranq'd animals, of course, too.)  I melee to get out of conservation mode and pop into my Operator to actually go over to the animal.  Once I've called it in, though, I get a white, semi-transparent overlay that is persistent on my screen until I head back to Fortuna.

You can see the issue here:  https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/aarrowom/video/77723040

It's not game-breaking, at all, just annoying.  I haven't seen if it's the case in PoE with the current update, but it wasn't a problem there last week.

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