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Nova and Nova prime sharing picture??? >SOLVED<<


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I highly doubt that this is supposed to be one of those "Working as intended" moments, but if it is, please feel free to delete this DE, however.... Nova and Nova Prime shouldn't be sharing the same picture if I'm correct. I know she's an older frame, and one of the first two or three frames with innate bonuses to her, but to share a picture with her non-primed counterpart... 
                                   Edit: Solved. Problem was using the immortal skin for both frames

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13 hours ago, hellodownthere said:

think it's cause you're using her normal helmet on her prime


12 hours ago, NinjaZeku said:

You're using the Immortal Skin on both, so that's what the Arsenal uses as a profile pic.


Well, seeing as i'm showing standard Nova and not Nova Prime in the image... But that's really why It's showing the same image? Because of a skin? I use skins on a lot of my frames, including the Tennogen Miku skin for Octavia. But it doesn't show the helmet change for Octavia

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