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Grineer Manics on Yursa do not drop loot


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I've been at this for an hour now, with Nekros Prime and all. Manics are just not dropping loot. I've killed at least 10 no doubt and nothing falls from them. They just lay down then vanish. I'm trying very hard not to lose my temper with this bug but considering there is literally no other way to get Ash Systems, this is getting annoying fast. I'm on the mission Yursa on Neptune, and manics are dropping absolutely nothing whatsoever. Anyone else having this issue?

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Didn't finish typing.
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On 2019-08-05 at 3:23 AM, (PS4)NewcastleDisease said:

may its just rng.. ash - like ivara to - is very hard to farm. not because its so hard to beat this enemy. it's so hard because of rng... you need so many kills to get all parts. some are lucky to get them fast, some are not. i killed nearly 150 of them to get all parts...

I want to say it is, but when I say he isn't dropping anything, he isn't even dropping ammo or any sort of basic resource. Similarly to @DragonzGirra, It's only dropping one or two of the large pods for the defectation life supports. There isn't a single blueprint or energy orb or even piece of ammo that is dropped from him.

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day two , still same issue MC_Drake48  is haveing will drom energy for life support but nothing else still. Come on guys , if we cant get the pieces to craft the frame we cant build the frame. please fix this issue.


note: i have tried farming on Caracol  saturn  (a 6-8 min spawn timer) and Memphis  phobos (a 10 min spawn timer) as well. both wil drop parts but not system


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