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Relic mission gate lock bug also boss incapacitated bug


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The relic missions bugs I've encountered only recently twice, and both happened on a corpus ship tileset extermination mission. In the first one someone hacked a console to disable the lockdown you get from normal enemies, then a few seconds later stalker spawned in an caused his room lockdown, 2 players were already through the room stalker was in so it was just a me and a another player. After stalker was dead the door of the room didn't open and all of the players were pretty much locked in the room, but the strange this was the previous doors and all other doors were opened except for the only one that was needed to go through the current room. We did finish the mission because 3/4 players were in the extraction zone and I was still stuck in the room. The 2nd one happened pretty much in the same situation but with the zanuka hunter, but I had to leave because 3 players were stuck in the room. (Also the 1st one was finished because an ash teleported through a wall on an enemy that was clipping the door that was bugged, maybe that's a feature or just jank idk)

Also there is a boss incap bug, where the boss would go into the capture target incapacitated animation for some reason for the entire duration of the fight after the animation occurs. The first one was old it was before wukong prime if I remember correctly, but after wisp Tyl Regor would just get incapacitated and he would just not stand up, he would teleport and all the event in his fight still happens but with no animation of him jumping still had the animation of him destroying the ceiling though. After the manic fight he just never moved and still had the incapacitated animation. The second one happened after wukong prime with Kela de Thaym albeit in her last phase but it happened very briefly then she died.

On a side note, 2 of the 3 wild condrocs will always drop through the map when hit by Ivara's sleep arrow.

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